How to: Have the BEST High School Movie Night

A guide with frequently asked questions and tips to ensure an excellent FunFlicks® experience at your high school

Why should I have a movie night at my high school?

Looking for a great way to bring students, staff, and the whole school community together? Luckily, there is a solution; Have a movie night with FunFlicks®! We prioritize quality, efficiency, and most of all, fun! A high school movie night is perfect for raising money and bringing everyone together outside of class hours. Promoting your event will build up excitement and increase student turnout so that everyone can enjoy movie night. Also, a high school movie night is an excellent opportunity to fundraise for your school or charity by charging an admission fee or selling food/snacks. With a little bit of planning and letting FunFlicks® do the rest, your movie night will be one to remember. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your favorite movie on the big screen.

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Why Choose FunFlicks®?

FunFlicks® has been providing amazing inflatable movie screen experiences since 2007.

Across the United States, there are accommodating and tech-savvy event technicians who are ready to host your high school movie night. Not only do we bring the best event technicians that set everything up while you kick back and relax, we also bring the highest quality equipment that you cannot rent anywhere else. Our state of the art speakers, projectors, mixers, and inflatable movie screens are brought with our event technicians for ultimate movie watching enjoyment.  If you value the highest quality viewing experience, bringing the movie theater to YOU is what we do.

Where should I have my high school movie night?

Choosing a location for your inflatable screen set-up and audience is a great start to planning your high school movie event. Be sure to ask our office on how much space is needed for the screen you are renting and plan accordingly. Proper power supply via outlets or generators must be available for the screen arrangement. Also, keeping in mind where the audience will be is just as important to keep them satisfied and invested in the movie.

High school movie night on the field

Firstly, a sports field is a great event location due to space and stadium seating that may be available. Students could sit on the field or in the stands to enjoy the film. Furthermore, you should make sure that sprinkler systems are off before the event (you don’t want a surprise water party).

High school movie night in the quad

Do you want to have your event outdoors yet cannot have it on the sports field? Consider bringing the event to a quad or under an awning. Having your movie screen arrangement under covering can protect it from rain/snow. But, it cannot always protect it from wind. Our screens can generally only withstand winds under 15 mph.

High school movie night at the gym

Don’t let weather ruin your event, have your movie in the gym. Lastly but not least, the gym is another great location for blocking out the outside elements. Moreover, you can plan on scheduling your event at any time in the gym with controlled indoor lighting. When outdoors, lighting from the sun or bulbs can glare on the display making it difficult to fully view the movie.

Overall, the sports field, quad, or the gym are three locations at your high school that are great for having the ultimate high school movie experience.

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How do I plan my high school movie event?

To have a great turnout, promote your event at least a week prior to the movie night or as soon as you confirm the event. A group of students or staff should take charge in planning and advertising. Mentioning the movie night over the intercom, placing posters, sending out flyers, and declaring a formal announcement will get the word out about the event. Keep in mind conflicting school/extracurricular activities that may interfere. If your event is outside, it’s recommended to start the movie around sunset when the display is fully visible. In addition, a sunset start time is also recommended so that the movie does not end too late. Having trouble deciding what to watch? Let the students pick the movie with a poll. This allows for everyone to have a choice and increase event turnout.

Theme for a high school movie night

Picking a theme for the event is also a good idea that allows attendees to have fun with outfits and decorations (ie: Halloween, summer luau, winter). To further promote the event theme, making a music playlist for your event technician to play before the movie is a great way to get everyone in the party mood. Making a trivia game to display or a slideshow are other pre-movie activities that your FunFlicks event technician would love to help show for you. Catering food is another opportunity to encourage a party theme, raise money, support local businesses, and keep your audience satisfied. You do not want hungry high schoolers. There are many options that you can consider for snack/food catering: order candies, ask us if we have FunFlicks popcorn machines available in your area, supply snow cones, call over a taco truck, or supply a concession stand. Everyone loves food during the movie and so will your high school.

High school event clean-up

After the event is over, you don’t want leftover trash ruining your night. Custodians, school staff members, and security are all people that can make your event run smoothly as planned. Placing trash cans around the audience and reminding them to discard garbage before the movie begins are ways to minimize littering. Along with available trash cans, open restrooms are another way to maintain a happy audience. Surely, you do not want your audience members having to leave due to not being able to find any restrooms.

To plan the best event, it’s vital to remember who your audience is and how you can make them most immersed in the movie experience.

What are some good movies for a high school movie event?

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