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Movie Screen Rentals for Corporate Events

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Outdoor Movie Screen and speakers for rent

There's something magical about the silver screen. Since its invention, we've been drawn like moths to a flame to the flicker and glow of the movies. Your employees work hard with their noses to the grindstone day in and day out. Surprise these valuable people who keep your business going by hosting an Outdoor or Indoor Movie Night!

If you're looking for a Company Event Idea like none other, start with FunFlicks®. With our team keeping everything rolling, your employees can bring their wives and kids and get together for a fun-filled night under the stars.

Your Corporate Movie Screen Rental includes:

The Best Quality and Prices in Town

With FunFlicks®, you can count on the best quality combined with the best prices around. Our corporate movie screen rental includes complete outdoor or indoor movie theater equipment rentals, delivery, setup and removal, plus a friendly FunFlicks® Host on hand to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Everyone will be amazed with the extreme quality — guaranteed! You simply provide the movie, we provide the rest! Events are priced from $299-$599+ depending on the size of your crowd.

Super-Sized Inflatable Movie Screen
Our whopping inflatable screen ensures even those in the nose-bleed section get a great view. It comes complete with advertising space, blower and roping. The Premiere Company Event size will comfortably please the eyes of up to 250 guests. We even have screens to satisfy the viewing pleasure of up to 5000 participants!

Ultrasonic and Amplified Upgraded Sound System
You'll never have to worry about your crowd asking you to turn up the volume. Your outdoor or indoor movie presentation will be clear, intense and exciting. After all, what's the use of a huge, inflatable screen if you can't hear anything? Our sound equipment is incredible, and it keeps everyone in the action whether your event is in a large indoor convention center or a wide-open field.

A Warm and Friendly FunFlicks® Host

We don't expect you to learn all the technical aspects of running our high-quality corporate movie screen equipment. That's why we send along a handy FunFlicks® host to help make your company event the tops.

They will stay to the bitter end to oversee your movie night. Our team members are always friendly, professional, clean-cut, honest and dependable. We take care of all technical components, and can even serve your guests popcorn if you choose to have that included.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment, Delivery and Setup

  • High-quality digital projection
  • Incredible sound system
  • VHS/DVD player
  • Equipment tables and cables
  • Complete delivery
  • Technical setup and removal for your company movie night!
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Don't Forget
the Popcorn

Your employees will love the taste of warm, buttery goodness to go along with your company movie night. Starting for just $199, our Premiere Outdoor or Indoor Movies can come with Popcorn. Our popcorn prices listed are ADDED to the movie equipment rental. Call today to find out more about Popcorn Cart Rental and Kernels!

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 We gotcha covered!

We gotcha covered! Add a rain date Guarantee to any event. That way, you can ensure that momma nature won't stomp on your parade.
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Not Big Enough?

We have
Bigger screens

to suit any sized event. UPGRADE your Screen rental sizes from 26 to 40 feet. Our huge screen rentals are perfect for audiences from 200 to 5000.

Looking to add a retro vibe to your corporate shindig? We create classic Drive-In movie theater experiences too!

UPGRADE Screen sizes from 26'-40' for audiences from 200-5000

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Movie Screen Rental for Businesses

There are tons of reasons your business should keep FunFlicks® in its Rolodex. From company parties to world-class presentations with an extra wow factor, we provide only the best sound, projection and screen rentals. This gives you a valuable alternative to your own in-house audio-visual equipment.

Whether you're looking to create a 1950s Drive-In experience or need our technical assistance for your business conference, you can count on us. Our team can set up an unmatched movie experience nearly anywhere — convention centers, hotels, parking lots, rooftops and more. You can host 50 or 5000 because we offer scalability to match your needs.

Here are just a few of the Corporate Events we can serve.

Company Movie Night Event Idea

When you host a family-friendly outdoor movie night for your company, these events create a wonderful experience for young and old alike. Kids, Parents, Faculty and Staff come together to experience a feature film in a relaxed public environment, giving everyone a break from the daily grind.

There’s something about sitting on a blanket with your kids and their friends, hearing the sounds of chuckles and laughter when Dory spells “escape.” Or the tears the audience shares when Nemo hugs Dad...

Outdoor movies make a unique company event idea that is different than watching a movie at home or the theater. Plus, they're a great way to build a sense of community among your employees and increase company loyalty.

*Up Your Business Conference Game*

If you're hosting a business conference or convention, connecting on a visual level is essential. With huge screens and top-of-the-line sound systems, FunFlicks® ensures all your participants can see and hear what's going on, even in large auditoriums or venues.

*Company Awards Show*

Show your employees just how much you appreciate them by hosting a unique awards show. With FunFlicks®, you can create a slideshow or video that recognizes all the hard work of your top personnel.

*Client Appreciation Night*

Looking for a unique way to connect with loyal or potential clients? Host a movie night and invite your favorite customers for a one-of-a-kind event. They'll love being able to bring their families along, giving them a break from stuffy business dinners.

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