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Movie Night Ministries is a faith-based organization whose ultimate goal is to provide excellent, newly released movies directly to churches throughout the United States. Some of their exclusive films are directly inspired by a Christian theme, while others are simply entertaining for anyone to enjoy. We at FunFlicks are proud to partner with Movie Night Ministries in support of our shared goal of bringing people together in celebration of high-quality films. Movie licensing is 10% off for any FunFlicks customer who purchases licensing through Movie Night Ministries.

Church event packages include:

FunFlicks movie event at a church
Church drive-in movie event

Church Movie Night Events

When you book an event with us, we guarantee excellent support and quality equipment. Our event technicians are present in local cities all throughout the United States. At every event, our team will arrive promptly, set up all the equipment, and pack everything up at the end of the night. We try to make the process of holding an event as easy as possible for you. Not only are our trained event technicians professional, our audiovisual equipment is sure to knock your socks off with crystal clear projection and booming high-definition sound.

Super-Sized Inflatable Movie Screen or Mobile LED

Our Premiere 21' screen will comfortably please the eyes of up to 250 guests. We can also provide larger screens to satisfy up to 5000! Need a screen for daytime viewing? Rent our LED screen.

Ultrasonic & Amplified Upgraded Sound System

The community will hear the preaching! Share your message before the show utilizing our concert-grade sound system. Your outdoor movie presentation will be clear, intense, and exciting.

A warm and friendly FunFlicks® Host

We come and we stay to oversee your church movie night. Our technicians are always friendly, professional, clean-cut, honest, and dependable. FunFlicks® will take care of all technical components, and we'll serve your guests popcorn if that's included.

High Quality Digital Projection

Our projection quality is excellent. Many film festivals across the nation use our services for their film premieres and showcases. We utilize this very same movie equipment for your church drive-in movie or family fun night.

Complete delivery, technical set-up, and removal for your church community movie night.

Church Family Fun Night Ideas

It can be challenging to persuade people to attend church; perhaps they are discouraged or anxious about doing so. Hosting a movie night gives you the unique chance of extending a warm welcome to everyone in your community, regardless of whether they attend your church or not. Not only is holding a church movie night a great opportunity to welcome newcomers, it’s also an amazing way to fundraise in support of a good cause. We’ve helped churches across the nation put on events for 20+ years and have seen the joy it brings to people firsthand.

School Event: high school musical movie night

Themed Movie Night

You can’t go wrong with a classic movie night event. To make your party even more memorable, tie everything together with a theme. The film, decorations, outfits, and music should all be themed for the most immersive experience. If your party will be held during the summer, throwing a Hawaiian luau is a great choice. Get everyone involved for a great time!

School Event: high school musical movie night
Live music being played at a residential community event

Organize Live Music

Bring out your choir, church band, or anyone in the community to play music at your church’s movie party. People love live music, and many churches have the resources to make it happen. Set the stage and celebrate with fun music before your movie party.

Live music being played at a residential community event
Residents ordering from a food truck at their residential movie event

Order A Food Truck

What brings everyone of all ages and backgrounds together? Food! It's a fantastic idea to have a food truck visit your church for a movie night. Shaved ice, popcorn, tacos, or something fancier Tell your residents to show up hungry! Consider showing multiple movies throughout the weekend! Bring in different food each night so everyone gets a taste of their favorite!

Residents ordering from a food truck at their residential movie event
School Event: Playing a racing game on an inflatable screen for game night

Throw a Game Night

Get ready for some competition with a video game tournament on the big screen. Our audiovisual setups can display your video games as long as your console is compatible with HDMI. Smash Bros., Street Fighter, Just Dance, and Mario Kart are popular choices for fun party games to play others in. Enter contenders in a tournament-style showdown with a big prize for the champion to make things interesting.

School Event: Playing a racing game on an inflatable screen for game night

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Fantastic and Easy!

We absolutely loved working with FunFlicks. The entire process was so easy and the staff was great from beginning to end! The audio and visual quality were both fantastic. We definitely plan to use FunFlicks again and will be recommending them to other organizations as well. Thank you!

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Excellent Quality Experience

Truly FunFlicks provides the perfect way to provide a fun and rewarding community event to bring large screen outdoor movies to your park or similar venue. The event hosts are very easy to work with, setup and takedown is quick, efficient and clean. The quality of the inflatable screen and the projection surface is excellent. The projector, playback equipment and audio system are top notch. The audience loved it each and every time we had this event. I highly recommend using FunFlicks.

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It was a great experience and some of the people there were so impressed they said they would book a rental

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The BEST for School Drive-ins

We've used FunFlicks for all of our school drive-in events. They're very professional and friendly from beginning to end. We've recommended them to other schools for their drive-in events.

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We Are Kind and Helpful

Everyone was so kind and helpful. Truly a pleasure to have them help us out on this event. Greatly appreciated.

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Easy Process!

The whole process was easy. Emily was fantastic with her information back to me, and Jose was phenomenal on site, he was kind, pleasant, and very proficient in his job. We will definitely be using FunFlicks again!

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Vikki M. / Riverside, CA

Well Worth It!

"WELL WORTH IT! The technician sets everything up and stays on sight in the event there are any technical difficulties. He was very friendly and came way ahead of time to ensure he had everything he needed for the event to begin on time. All in all, we were VERY pleased!"

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Jeff Mollan / Michigan

School – Summer Movie Night

Everyone loved family movie night!! It brings with it the atmosphere of a drive in movie. An event that everyone enjoyed and will remember as a great summertime memory.

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