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Stranded at the Drive-In… or are you stranded at home?

FunFlicks Drive-in Movies

Return of the Drive-in Theater With the Covid-19 Pandemic, people are looking for alternative forms of entertainment for their families.  Going to the drive-in may seem like a relic from yesteryear, but it may be the answer to our current coronavirus situation and it employs social distancing. The Drive-in Movie Theater The first drive-in movie…

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6 Step Oscar Party Planning Guide

Oscar Party Planning Guide

6 Step Oscar Party Planning Guide It is now it’s time to plan your Oscar party. Here are 6 easy steps to ensure your event is a success (Love YouTube? Check out our easy to follow whiteboard video). Step 1. Get the Invites Out to your Oscar Party Invite people to your Oscar party. Speed…

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SuperBowl Party Planning 10 Step Guide

FunFlicks LED Screen showing football NFL

Ten Step Guide for SuperBowl Party Planning Superbowl Party Planning can seem like a huge task, follow these steps and your planning will be a breeze and your event a touchdown. Get the Invites Out Food Beer and Drink Cake Fun and Games Decorate Viewing – The Main Event Non-Football Fans Commercials Cleanup Check out…

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Where to have your Outdoor Cinema?

Location, Location, Location – We have screened outdoor cinema events in some incredible locations throughout the years. by castles, on beaches, in Stadiums, by swimming pools, on golf courses, in forests, by a lake, in backyards, in caves and atop of a building. Outdoor movie screens can be set up nearly anywhere. Matching your venue…

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Making Your Apartment Community Movie Night a success!

Hosting an outdoor movie night for your residents gives them the chance to engage within their community. It makes the perfect night and helps retain residents. Whether it’s a Summer blockbuster or a Halloween classic. An Outdoor Movie Night is the perfect resident event idea. Remember the movie will start after dusk, so adding some…

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Halloween Movie Night

Halloween Movie Night, make it a night to remember! As the nights start to draw in Halloween will soon be upon us, and with-it Pumpkin Spice, football, and some of the best weather for outdoor movies. Watching a movie outside with friends brings your neighbors, friends or community together, the great thing about fall movie nights…

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What to take to an Outdoor Movie

Community Outdoor Movie Night

What to take to an Outdoor Movie? Summer is here, with it many communities and Park & Recreation Departments have started their summer outdoor movie series. People are watching movies by the pool, in their backyard, and on the golf course. Nothing beats watching a movie under the stars.  Here are ten essential items to…

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