Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the dimensions of our screens?

  • 12-foot screen: 11' Tall x 12' Wide x 4' Deep, (9x5 Viewable area)
  • 16-foot screen: 16' Tall x 16' Wide x 12' Deep, (12x9 or 12x7 Viewable area)
  • 21-foot screen: 16' Tall x 21' Wide x 16' Deep, (16x9 viewable)
  • 26-foot screen: 20' Tall x 26' Wide x 20' Deep, (20x12 viewable)
  • 32-foot screen: 24' Tall x 32' Wide x 24' Deep, (25x15 viewable)
  • 40-foot screen: 26' Tall x 40' Wide x 26' Deep, (30x17 viewable)
  • 50-foot screen: 31' Tall x 50' Wide x 28' Deep, (40x22 viewable)

We place a large tarp on the ground that is the above dimension. The screen sits on the tarp and is inflated. The sound system sits just in front of the screen at the corners. The projector will sit on our projection table approximately 12-30 feet in front of, or behind the screen (for rear projection), depending on screen size. The projector table is not tall and takes up about 1 seat in your crowd. Your guests can sit in front of, behind or beside the projector table.

Will the screen fit under awnings, pavilions or many trees?

The screen will NOT fit under most awnings, pavilions or many trees due to the height. We normally secure our screens by placing stakes in the ground and securing ropes to the screen. If your event is held on concrete or another surface that will not accept stakes, you will need to provide weighted items to tie off to. Examples would be 35-50 gallon trash cans filled with water, large concrete cinder blocks, anything that weighs 50+lbs. We would require 4-8 weighted items depending on the wind that night.

What are the Electric Needs?

The equipment requires a minimum of 2 separate outlets on separate breakers/circuits (3 or more required for Drive-in style screens). Outlets must be within 100 feet of where the screen will be placed. We provide electric cords up to 100 feet. For distances more than 100, customer will provide 12 gauge extension cords up to 200'.  We will not setup equipment more than 200' from a power source. It is NOT recommended that the screen location be farther than 200 feet since your breaker will trip due to such a long cord run. In order to get 2 separate breakers, we can run from any common area such as a community center, garage area, any exterior outlet, deck or generator. We do NOT provide a generator unless you add it to your rental with us at additional charge. If you provide a generator, a model with at least 5000+ watts and 2 separate breakers/circuits is required. We are not responsible if a customer provided generator will not power our equipment.

Can we hookup our own Laptop or Streaming device? 

Yes! If you provide the streaming device, necessary HDMI adapter, and high-speed WiFi/Hotspot, we can connect it to our screen for you. Please contact us to add it to your event options.

Can we play video games before the movie? 

Yes! If you have a gaming console, necessary cords and adapters, we can connect it to our screen for your crowd to play. Please contact us to add it to your event options.

Can we play music/cartoons before the movie? 

YES! Feel free to provide music DVD's, music CD's, an MP3 player, or cartoons before the movie if desired. Just remember, your Movie Start Time is the time you start the media, DVD's, cartoons, video games, etc. You will most likely not see images before dusk due to the daylight.

When will the FunFlicks Host Arrive?

Your FunFlicks Host will arrive anywhere from 1 - 3 hours before Movie Start Time indicated on your invoice. Our intended arrival time should be listed at the top of your Rental Agreement. Your FunFlicks Host will call you the morning of your event between 11am-1pm to introduce himself/herself and review driving directions. Sometimes a Host may be delayed due to traffic and other circumstances. We don't consider a Host late unless the movie did not start on time. If your Host is running behind, he/she will call you en-route to keep you informed of arrival time. Understand, our equipment can be set up in as little as 20 - 30 minutes. We tell the Hosts to arrive 1-1.5 hours prior to allow for any emergencies or problems with your set-up location, etc. There is buffer room to allow the Host to have a complete set-up ready by the official Movie Start Time indicated on your invoice.

How long is the show?

Your FunFlicks Movie Event Rental is scheduled for 2.5 hours MAXIMUM of showtime. Anything over 2.5 hours requires the double feature charge or pro-rated additional screen rental. As you know, most movies are 1.5 - 2 hours.

What do I do in case of bad weather predictions?

We will NOT cancel your event until the day of your event and not later than 2 PM. Please review the weather at www.weather.com. Put in your zip code and click hour-by-hour. This is the only tool we use to predict the weather. You have until 2:00 PM on the day of the event to make a final decision. We do NOT look at the weather until the morning of your event. Predictions change - we want to give you the opportunity to have the event so we recommend not canceling until the morning of the event. If you cancel your event prior to the day of your rental, you may be required to pay a rescheduling or cancellation fee according to your Rental Agreement. Weather-related postponement is not allowed until the morning of your event.

What if the weather clears up after 2:00 PM?

If you/we postponed your event, and it clears up - talk to the weatherman....it was his prediction! We want to host your event just as much as you want the event. We both are discouraged. Unfortunately, we won't have enough time to gather the Host and the equipment to arrive at your location on time. If your event was scheduled to be indoors if rain, we are still coming....and if it is nice out, we will set up outdoors. (Just think about the mud factor)

How do I get the maximum viewing experience?

For the maximum viewing experience, remember to schedule any parking lot or surrounding lights to be turned off.


What if there are sprinklers?

Please turn off all sprinklers prior to the event to help us protect our equipment and your guests. If you don't know were the main turn off is, find your apartment or location manager to help.


Need some Marketing Material to help promote your event?

Visit our Marketing Page for some downloadable templates for invitations, flyers and more!


Need help with ordering Party supplies and more? 

For your convenience, please Visit Our Store for all your party needs, including DVD's, party supplies, everything that glows and much more!


Do I Tip the FunFlicks Host?

Tips are customary in any service business. However, please only tip if your FunFlicks Host goes above and beyond the normal service expected. Tips range from $20-$100. We encourage our Hosts to offer excellent customer service and you can help by not tipping if they don't offer this quality service!

“FunFlicks® passion is focused on bringing generations together in the local community to create extraordinary experiences, one event at a time.” 

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