How to Throw a Video Game Party in 10 Steps

How to Throw a Video Game Party

Do you want to know how to throw a video game party in just 10 easy steps? We have decades of experience providing audiovisual equipment for events as large as stadium Esports competitions to small backyard video game parties. Nothing is too challenging for our nationwide network of professional technicians. Follow our step-by-step guide for the best video game party ideas:

1. Create a Guest List

Begin planning your video game party by creating a guest list. This will give you a good idea of how many people will attend. If more people than expected arrive at your event, there may be issues providing enough space, food, or game time for everyone. Once you have an idea of how many people will be at your party, it’s time to pick a place and time.

FunFlicks video game party at the park

2. Choose a Location

When choosing an event location, it is critical to evaluate the available space in relation to the estimated crowd size. If your backyard is too small, try hosting your video game party at a local park with permission from the city. Your local parks and recreation department will have specific rules on the allowed party size, waste containment, and noise hours. If you're concerned about being too loud, your local FunFlicks® may be able to supply wireless headphones. Let the party live on!

3. Pick a Date

Want to know how to throw a video game party with all of your guests in attendance? Host your event on a Friday or Saturday evening. Generally, people will be off work or school at such a time. Pick a date at least a month in advance so that your guests have time to plan on arriving once invitations are sent.

4. Select the Best Video Games

We recommend selecting multiplayer games that four or more guests can play at a time. The more players in a game, the merrier. Choose video games that correspond to your visitors' general age range and interests. Some of our video game party favorites include:

  • Mario Kart 8 (E)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (M)
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (E10+)
  • Jack Box Party Pack 9 (T)
  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (T)
  • Super Mario Party (E)
  • Fortnite (T)
  • Rocket League (E)
  • Overcooked! All You Can Eat  (E)
  • Minecraft (E10+)
  • Just Dance (E10+)
Matthew and Paul playing Mario Kart 8 on a FunFlicks LED screen

5. Decide on a Theme

Tie everything together with a theme for the most immersive video game party experience. The theme can be reflected with decorations, costumes, activities, concessions, music, or choice of game. Here are some ideas of our favorite video game party theme ideas:

Super Mario Party Ideas

Super Mario Bros. logo

Decorate the location with piranha plants, question mark blocks, and turtle shells for a Mario themed party. Guests can enter the party through a green pipe tunnel as music from the various games plays. Encourage everyone to dress up like Mario characters or offer them the famous cap worn by everyone's favorite Italian plumber. If you intend to serve food, anything with mushrooms fits the theme (mushroom spaghetti, mushroom soup, or even a mushroom cake). Fortunately, there are several multiplayer Mario games to pick from, as well as the new movie to watch at your event.

Minecraft Party Ideas

Minecraft logo

Host a Minecraft themed party with torches to light up the space, dirt block cutouts, and creeper faces for the most immersive experience. A scavenger hunt with hidden ores throughout the area is a fun activity that guests will enjoy. Give them toy pickaxes and see who finds the most diamonds. Serve a slice of Minecraft cake to guests as they play on the big screen.

Fortnite Party Ideas

Fortnite logo

Throw the best Fortnite themed party with a nerf gun battle royale. Whoever’s the last player standing wins. After their hard-fought war, refresh your guests with chug jugs made of blue gatorade. Another activity fitting for a Fortnite party is a classic game of pinata. Find one that looks like the loot llama for everyone to bash. Afterwards, everyone can compete to get a victory royale on the big screen. For older guests, play classic FPS games after the kids have left, such as Call of Duty: BO1 or MW3.

6. Have the Best Screen

As long as your console has an HDMI input or if you have an HDMI adapter for older consoles, your local FunFlicks® can display it on our state-of-the-art projection or LED displays. If you’re wanting to know how to throw a video game party with a screen that everyone can see, look no further than us. We offer a wide array of displays that fit your specific needs and crowd size. Inflatable and fold-out screens are great for those looking for an affordable yet high-resolution option. Our LED trailers and modular walls are excellent for those who value quality viewing at any time of day. With a network of technicians across the nation, we bring cutting-edge audiovisual equipment to you almost anywhere. Book an event today!

Crowd watching the Super Mario Bros. Movie at the park

7. Invite Your Guests

After you've planned your video game party, it's time to invite guests. Your invitation should contain the location address, arrival time, and any other pertinent information about the event. Include an RSVP note so you know who will be there. Instead of mailing invitations, simply text or email a digital invitation to your visitors. We have pre-made invitations as well as the ability to create unique ones for you!

8. Prepare the Area

Prepare the premises for your visitors by cleaning and putting up decorations. If you're renting a FunFlicks® setup, your technician will take care of arranging all of the equipment. Place camping chairs, blankets, or beanbags in front of the screen for your visitors to sit on while they play. For a successful event, everyone's comfort should be the primary focus. Make sure there are restrooms available with extra soap and toilet paper, as well as trash cans placed throughout the area to reduce the afterparty cleanup.

9. Pass on the Fun

For a video game party, it’s important to make sure that everyone gets a fair amount of playtime. This can be accomplished by rotating players once the game has finished. If you don’t have enough controllers, no worries. Encourage guests to bring their own.

10. Afterparty Cleanup

After the fun’s over, make sure you clean up the mess, especially if the party is held on a property that’s not your own. That way, you can come back for future events. Organize a clean up crew beforehand to help speed up the process.

Retro mario gameplay on a modern FunFlicks LED screen

How to Throw a Video Game Party for Kids

For kids, it’s important to make sure there are plenty of engaging activities, fair game time for everyone, and appropriate video games being played. If these three aspects are guaranteed, you’re highly likely to have a successful video game party.

How to Throw a Video Game Party for Teens

Are you trying to figure out how to throw a video game party for an older crowd of teens? Make things interesting by turning your party into a video game tournament. Select a competitive multiplayer game and create a bracket for players to enter. To heighten the stakes, offer a prize for the grand champion.


Screen for an Outdoor Evening or Indoor Party


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funflicks led screen at the beach

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