Fall Festival Event Ideas

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Autumn brings cool weather, changing leaves and cozy feelings of wrapping in a blanket with some hot apple cider. As the days get shorter and the holidays draw closer, you can celebrate the new season with creative fall festivities your friends and family will love.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for children, spending time with friends or trying to find a way to spice up the office, you can find tons of festival activities and ideas. Check out these exciting activities from FunFlicks to spice up your autumn evenings.

Fall Festival Activities for Families

For many, fall is a time to gather with family and friends. Whether you want to entertain your little ones or have a wholesome night of fun for all ages, you can do plenty of family fall activities. Autumn festival event ideas for families can turn any evening from dark to delightful. Take a look at these festival ideas to fill your nights with love and fun.

1. Movie Night on the Lawn

One of the best ways to enjoy cool fall nights is by putting on a great movie and getting cozy. However, you don’t have to settle for another night on the couch. You can enjoy the delightful weather and host an outdoor Halloween movie night.

Many different sizes of outdoor screens are available, so you can always find what you need for your movie night. Whether you’re inviting your entire family or settling in to watch your child’s favorite Halloween film, you can take your movie night to the next level. Find the perfect collection of snacks and drinks to enjoy, sit back and relax.

2. Cookout

For late evenings, you can host a cookout for your family. Keep your dinner simple by having your family make the meal together. Perhaps your children could make pumpkin cookies while your spouse prepares the best hamburger and you create a delicious pasta salad. You can enjoy your time in the kitchen together.

You can also include your extended family in the fun by having them bring a dish to share. Welcome your loved ones to craft their most famous dishes and delight in a family cookout. Keep the event simple and full of conversation, or host a football watch party over the weekend. Either way, you can enjoy the crisp weather with the people you love the most.

3. Scavenger Hunt

A simple activity you can do with your children over and over is creating a scavenger hunt. Get your kids outside by encouraging them to find seasonal items. You can list anything you think your children can find around your house, but be sure to make some things more challenging to find than others. For some starter ideas, ask them to find:

  • One green leaf
  • One red leaf
  • One orange leaf
  • One yellow leaf
  • An acorn
  • A bright flower
  • A colorful stone

Fall Festival Ideas for School

Schools can offer various seasonal fun for kids in every grade. Parents and community volunteers can help turn each event into a success. If you want to get involved with the school events, you can use some of these ideas to get kids excited.

1. Face Painting

Whether the school is hosting a seasonal festival or a football game, you can get involved in the activities by offering to face paint fun designs. Placing a little stand in the middle of the festivities can have kids from every grade coming to ask for a decorative piece. Bring stencils or take requests from students to match the seasonal tone.

2. Scarecrow Making Contest

Scarecrows can be simple to make, and kids can get as creative as they want to make theirs unique. Use sturdy sticks, old clothes, string, leaves or straw and a pair of tights to create and decorate a scarecrow. Offer a prize for the best scarecrow, and watch as students get creative.

To make a scarecrow:

  1. Make the frame by tying two sturdy sticks together to form a cross.
  2. Cut a leg from the tights and fill it with straw or leaves to make the head.
  3. Close the head by tying the bottom with a string.
  4. Tie the head to the frame and add a hat.
  5. Dress the scarecrow in old clothes.

3. Pumpkin Ring Toss

A seasonal take on the classic ring toss is to use pumpkins. Grab some plump pumpkins and hula hoops, and prepare an open space for your fun activity. You can use this game as a fundraiser for your school by asking students to make donations or pay to play. Consider offering prizes to students who do exceptionally well to keep spirits high.

Fall Festival Activities for Adults

Autumn can be just as fun for adults as it is for kids. Gathering with friends and having seasonal fun can transform your fall. These festive events are great any time during the fall to spend quality time with friends and family. Plus, if you’re looking for fall festival ideas for the workplace, you can offer some friendly competitions and team bonding opportunities.

1. Friendsgiving

A fun twist on the holiday of giving is by having an intimate dinner with your closest friends. Friendsgiving usually happens around Thanksgiving, but you can gather your friends whenever it best fits your and your friends’ schedules. Ask everyone to bring a delicious dish to share. For added fun, they can also bring interesting fall-themed drink recipes to share for a seasonal night you won’t forget.

2. Cookie Exchange

Cookie baking and a cookie exchange can be fun for friends or co-workers. Many people bake holiday cookies annually to share with friends and family members. However, you can spice up your tradition by inviting your friends to bake with you. Additionally, an office cookie exchange can cheer everyone in the office and spark a new seasonal tradition for your co-workers.

3. Office Decorating Contest

Friendly competition in the office can raise spirits and bring some fun to the workplace. Encourage your co-workers to craft homemade decorations or find the best they can in stores for a beautiful new workspace. You can allow team members to form groups for a collective team effort or create an individual competition for the top spot. Celebrate your winners by hosting an after-work get-together. Use an LED screen to share the highlights from the event and showcase the winners.

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