Oscar Party Planning Guide

6 Step Oscar Party Planning Guide

6 Step Oscar Party Planning Guide

It is now it’s time to plan your Oscar party. Here are 6 easy steps to ensure your event is a success (Love YouTube? Check out our easy to follow whiteboard video).

Step 1. Get the Invites Out to your Oscar Party

Invite people to your Oscar party. Speed up the process by using an online service like Evite or create a Facebook event. Evite has some fun Oscar Party Invites, just search for Oscars.

Step 2. Make an Entrance at your Awards Party

Oscar and balloons help make an entrance to your Oscar Party

Every Oscar party should have a red carpet, have your guests dress the part in formal wear. No red carpet is complete without a photographer and backdrop. Your guests will love it, plus you will have some cool photos to remember your event.

Red Carpet Entrance For Your Oscar Watch Party

Nothing says Oscar Party like a red carpet and a step-and-repeat backdrop.
Depending on budget, add a photo booth to your Oscar Party and be sure to customize your prints for people to take home to remember this great night. Ask your local FunFlicks if they are available in your area.

Step 3. Food and Drinks for your Oscar Party

Pull out the elegant glassware and have classy cocktails with hors d’oeuvres. 

Step 4. Fun and Games for your Awards Party

An Oscar party would not be complete without some fun games. Have your guest fill out a ballot when they arrive and place in a ballot box. You can get your ballot on the Oscar Website At the end of the night see who wins. Have a movie-related prize for the winner or even a mini Oscar.
Oscar bingo is great fun, your guests are each provided with a bingo card, pen, and clipboard. On the Bingo cards, possible actions that may happen on TV are described… “Actor thanks the Academy”, “Actor cries” or “Frozen wins an award”. As the awards unfold you cross of actions. Five in a row wins. Here are some Oscar bingo cards to download.

Step 5. Swag Bag

No Hollywood party would be complete without a fancy swag bag with the latest products. If you have friends with home businesses like Plexus or MaryKay ask for samples to place in the swag bag. Or you could complete your bag with fun gifts, like an oscar for each guest.

Step 6. Viewing the Show – A Big Screen is a must

Make your viewing area for your Oscar Party is comfortable. Have places for guests to rest drinks and bingo cards.
Have a large crowd, take the event outside.
Use FunFlicks to provide a huge screen. If you choose to have a screen outside you may need to extend your TV connection.
Before the event day, test the connection you plan to use in the location you plan to place the screen.
If outdoors, think about adding some cool light-up chairs and tables.

led furniture for outdoor movie parties or led events

LED Furniture for your outdoor movie event


On the west coast, if you plan on doing it outside, remember that it is still light when the Oscars start.
If you plan on going outside during the day, consider using a Mobile or Modular LED screen from FunFlicks
mobile led video trailer live feed events
And the winner is?
You and your friends
Check out our YouTube Video for planning an Awards Party
Oscar Party Planning Guide
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