Shopping Mall Event Ideas

5 Buzzworthy Shopping Mall Event Ideas

Some people love to stroll through the shopping mall, perusing stores and popping in and out at their leisure. For others, their mall experience is more like a race, rushing to get in, find what they need and get the heck out. As the allure of online shopping robs malls of more and more people, it’s more important than ever to attract shoppers to your commercial center and get them to stay there.

From whopping sales to promotional gifts, you’ve undoubtedly tried your fair share of ideas to get people to choose your mall as the place they spend their hard-earned money. One of the best methods of enticing people from all walks of life is to host an exciting shopping mall event.

These forms of family-friendly entertainment allow the mall to be more than a place where people get stuff. The shopping mall is instantly transformed into a buzz-worthy social activity. If you want your shoppers to get the most out of their mall visit, here are some interactive events that could do the trick.

1. Meet and Greet Characters

If the eager arrival of your seasonal mall Santa proves one thing, it’s that shoppers go ga-ga for themed entertainers. A few meet and greet characters roaming through your shopping mall will bring a smile to both young and old. From princesses to holiday characters, these fun character actors keep children entertained so parents can enjoy an afternoon of shopping.

2. Host an Old School Drive-In Movie Theater

Just like sock hops and hot rods, the Drive-In movie theater is entertainment from another time — or is it? Watching a flick used to be a community experience, where families and friends could congregate with a big tub of popcorn and a great film. Host your very own Drive-In within your parking lot or feature an inflatable screen in your mall’s foyer. Your customers will love sharing this fun experience with their kids. Once the credits are rolling, they might stick around to get a little shopping done, too.

3. Live Stage Presentation

Speaking of keeping kids entertained, a live stage show is sure to draw bored families out of their homes, especially once the weather turns chilly. There are a variety of shows to choose from, whether they are musical mashups or classic fairy tales. These mini productions are sure to bring in the crowds, who will then likely stick around to get some shopping done.

4. Bring a Touch of Class With a Stylish Art Installation

If you’re looking to give your customers a unique experience, bring a touch of sophistication with a stylish art installation. They create stunning scenes that draw those looking for unique social media backdrops. Interactive exhibits are all the better as they engage customers and draw huge crowds.

5. Pop-Up Beauty Bar

Who wouldn’t love to feel like a glamorous celebrity for a day? Pop-up beauty bars are where professional hair and make-up artists give visitors a new red carpet-worthy look. If your customers feel like a high-end movie star, chances are they may want to spend like one, too.

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