Where to have your Outdoor Cinema?

Outdoor movie night for Macy's in Union Square San Francisco

A stunning location can really add to your movie night. Downtown San Francisco

Location, Location, Location – We have screened outdoor cinema events in some incredible locations throughout the years. by castles, on beaches, in Stadiums, by swimming pools, on golf courses, in forests, by a lake, in backyards, in caves and atop of a building. Outdoor movie screens can be set up nearly anywhere.

Matching your venue to a film

Your audience wants a unique outdoor cinema experience. Matching the movie to the location makes for a night to remember.

We were screening The Pursuit of Happiness in Dubose Park in San Francisco. When the park appears in the movie everyone cheered!

Here are 5 great ideas to match your Outdoor Cinema location with a film

  1. Jaws – On the beach
  2. Caddy Shack – On the golf course
  3. Blair Witch Project – In the woods
  4. Finding Nemo – In the swimming pool
  5. Coco – Near a graveyard

I have found a cool location for my Outdoor Cinema… now what?

Choosing a memorable location for your movie night is important, but don’t forget the logistics.

Bus bringing people to the Outdoor Cinema

Transportation located near Outdoor Cinema


How are people going to get to your event, is there ample onsite parking, if you think most people are going to use public transport, does it run late enough to allow you to screen the movie. This detail can be missed and lead to a lot of frustrated guests.


If screening in a park, make sure restrooms are available throughout the event. If you are expecting a large crowd to your outdoor movie event you may want to rent additional restrooms.

These can be as simple as the blue porta-potties seen at many concert and outdoor events, depending on the type of event you can always look at the upscale towable restrooms that even include air-conditioning.


Does your location provide enough room for your estimated crowd? Are you on a beach… check the tide!


Depending on equipment being used your power requirements will vary. Expect a minimum of 2 x 20 amp circuits for a small to medium size Outdoor Cinema setup. If you are adding popcorn or other food this will increase.

Some parks close off their power, make sure that you will have access to power (and to breakers).


If in a location with local eating establishments let them know you are doing the event so they can staff appropriately (or adjust their opening hours).

Another great option is to look for local food trucks.

Food trucks at outdoor movie screening

Outdoor Cinema screening with a great selection of Food Trucks in Oakland, CA

Permits and Licensing

Some cities require permits for sound and events, check with your local city.

Screening in a public location will require movie licensing (you can find move information here).


Have fun, be creative, make your Outdoor Cinema an experience your guests will not forget.

Contact FunFlicks to help you create an unforgettable Outdoor Cinema Experience.


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