Making Your Apartment Community Movie Night a success!

Hosting an outdoor movie night for your residents gives them the chance to engage within their community. It makes the perfect night and helps retain residents. Whether it’s a Summer blockbuster or a Halloween classic. An Outdoor Movie Night is the perfect resident event idea.

Remember the movie will start after dusk, so adding some preshow entertainment is a great option.

With a little planning your movie night can become an experience that residents will not forget and will look forward to each year.

Movie Night on the Lawn of an Apartment Complex

Wonderful movie night at an apartment complex

Success Stories – Apartment Community Movie Night

 Star Wars Night

Star Wars brings out the whole family. One of the most successful apartment community movie nights we have seen was May 4th (may the fourth be with you). The property management company hired people come dressed in Star Wars Cosplay. It was the perfect photo opportunity.

Lots of people posted on social media and had an amazing time, it left residents asking about the next event.

Star Wars Day Movie Night

Star Wars Outdoor Movie Night


Hot summer night everyone is by the pool. It’s a great night and you can have fun with the movie and title of your movie night.

One Flick n’ Float night near hot Sacramento was amazing fun, a clever play on words they provide root beer floats and screened Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.

Other great movie choices for your Dive-in movie night are

  • Finding Nemo
  • Shark Tales
  • Dolphin Movie
  • Jaws
  • Finding Dori
Dive-in movie or a Flick n' Float

A movie night by (or in ) the pool. Have a Flick n’ Float

Earth Day Movie Night

Earth day movie night can be coupled with an electronic recycling drive. A local charity was brought in an ran that part. Residents had a chance to recycle old electronics.

Great movies for Earth Day

  • Good Dinosaur
  • Wall – e


The success for any Halloween movie night is having a costume contest, if you are the host make sure to join in the fun and dress the part.  Also choose a fun Movie : See your Holloween Movie Night Planning Guide

Non Community Movie Night

Getting a big screen for the big game is amazing and brings everybody together. Residents will talk about it for weeks. The Ads for the superbowl can be amazing and look incredible on a big screen (and sometimes can be as entertaining as the game).


How do you Advertise your Apartment Community Movie Night?

Social Media Event

Get Social, a great way to promote your movie night is to create a Facebook event. Invite residents, make it sharable. Make additional fun content to share.

Residents Newsletter

Whether email or physical, let residents know when the movie night is, if you have special events link to the night, be sure to let your residents know.


Flyers in prominent locations throughout the property help get the word out. Be sure to include the Date! On event date put a TODAY sticker on the flyers.

Word of Mouth

When Speaking to residents be sure to ask “Are you coming to our Outdoor Movie Night?” It’s a fun thing to mention to your residents.


We have seen movie night become a staple of many apartment complex community enrichment and outreach programs.


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