Outdoor Movie Screen Sales for your Portable Outside Movie Theater or Cinema. Inflatable Movie Screens for Sale

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Are you starting an outdoor movie business with inflatable projection screens?
We can help, we offer a portable screens designed to entertain any sized crowd.

Think about joining our program and get quality customer leads! We are growing Nationwide with outdoor movie screen rentals - and would love for you to help. JOIN US! Open your OWN FunFlicks outdoor movie business today!
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Need to BUY Outdoor Movie Screens?

FunFlicks® can help Parks, Schools & Organizations!

Currently, FunFlicks® provides outdoor movie screen rentals and movie projector rentals throughout the United States. We understand and comprehend what works for the inflatable movie screen business. We designed our portable screen for the rental industry.

Our screens are EXCELLENT Rental Grade QUALITY - at half the price of other companies!
We produced over 3200 events in 2012 alone - using these exact inflatable outdoor movie screens. They work great for us, and will work great for you.

Obviously, like any product, there are various quality screen grades available to purchase. Assuming you want something to last, our inflatable outdoor movie screens are designed and used in the rental market. They are Durable & Designed to last for many, many years.

YES.....we know our outdoor movie screens are up to HALF the cost of other companies. We are not in the retail business of selling screens, since we offer outdoor movie screen rentals across the USA. However, we are happy to offer your organization these discounted screens to help spread community awareness of outdoor movies and OUR BRAND! There is a good chance someone in your crowd wants to rent a screen for their event, tell them to rent from FunFlicks®!

To Buy an Outdoor Movie Screen Call: (877) 735-4257 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.

To RENT an outdoor movie screen, visit our locations page: Rent A Movie Screen

Contact us if you are looking for outdoor movie screens of these sizes only:
(we do not offer discounts on custom sizes)

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FunFlicks can provide you with outdoor movie screen equipment that is tried and true!
We are the leader in outdoor movies & inflatable movie screen rentals. Last season alone, we hosted over 8200 outdoor inflatable movie screen events across the Nation.

If these portable outdoor movie screens & equipment work for us, they will work for you!
Our custom inflatable movie screens have been designed and refined over the last 12 years, so you're always getting the latest design in our screen technology. We have sizes that are pre-designed to accommodate our recommended crowd sizes based on our rental events.

We are able to provide discounted screens direct from our manufacturer – since we continue to purchase on a regular basis for our National Program.

We reserve the right to offer these prices to affiliates of FunFlicks® Outdoor Movie Screen Rental Companies., so your final price may be slightly higher than the prices listed here.

Our Movie Screens are Professional & Durable! They are custom designed and perfected over the past 12 years. We have never torn or blown a seam on any of these outdoor movie screens. We still have original units in our rental program from our original production! If they work for us as the leading outdoor movie screen rental company, they will work for you!

All screens above are designed with a self-supporting, free-standing inflatable frame. Minimal roping and stakes required. Many times you do not have to secure the portable screen, unless the winds are high. These outdoor movie screens are excellent for using in areas where staking is limited (i.e. parking lots, tennis courts & gymnasiums) along with outdoor movies on fields, lawns, etc. Wind rating is easily 23+ MPH.

All outdoor movie screen surfaces are wrinkle-free and removable for easy machine washable cleaning. Front or rear projection is allowed on some various sizes.

Again, we can't express it enough - We use these blow up movie screens on a daily basis – if they work great for our outdoor movie screen rental business, they will work for your outdoor movie night or inflatable movie screen rental business!

To Buy an Outdoor Movie Screen Call: (877) 735-4257 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Central Time. To RENT an outdoor movie screen, visit our locations page: Rent A Movie Screen

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