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Community Event Ideas

Looking for a Fun, Unique Community Event Idea?

Your community is sure to enjoy a FREE movie night on the lawn, in the park or just about anywhere you can gather a group of people.

There's something special about watching a movie outdoors in the neighborhood and under the stars. Think of it as your own community event idea - but you are really bringing back the Drive-In! it's a twist on a nostalgic idea that is perfect for any town or social event.

Families will lay out blankets and rub shoulders with their neighbors. A movie night will promote community development by the emotional bond created from the movie experience. Think family friendly films like: "E.T", "The Iron Giant", "Toy Story", "Wizard of Oz" to name a few. Give your community an emotional filled outdoor event that they will remember for a lifetime. Movies & film emotionaly touch people. Providing a movie night, will form a stronger community bond and bring smiles & memories to all.

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How to touch the Hearts of your Community:

1If you don't have your own outdoor movie equipment, contact the FunFlicks community event idea company for rental pricing & availability. FunFlicks hosts outdoor movies for town and social events in many communities across the Nation.

2Choose a date, time and location. Think midweek including Monday-Thursday. Most people in your community are more available during the week; you will draw a larger crowd for your event since you are not competing with weekend activities. Think sunset for your official movie start time.

3Choose a Movie. Movie choice is critical to the success of your community function and probably the most difficult process of this whole community event idea! Think about movies with nostalgic value or motivational merit. Themed films are also fun. Visit for a top ten listing based on age groups.

4Promote your outdoor movie event. This community event idea needs to be shared with everyone. The more that attend the better, and there is no cost increase (unless you include popcorn). Print out flyers and distribute throughout the neighborhood two weeks prior your scheduled community movie night. Post on FaceBook and other social media outlets.

5A few days prior to the community event, hang a banner at the location the outdoor theater will be placed. Distribute small flyers to the doors of your neighbors - Movie Night Tomorrow! The day prior, hang balloons at the theater location and send a friendly e-mail reminder about the town event.

6If you hired the FunFlicks outdoor movie company for your equipment rental, they will arrive as scheduled and set-up the entire theater - so you can sit back and watch the movie with the rest of the community!

7Movies end at dark. Any exterior lighting is helpful to assist in your neighbors departure. It will take about 1 hour for your movie equipment rental to be completely removed from the property. During this time, you can easily pick-up trash from the area.

8The day after the social event, reply to all of the critics in reference to the presentation. They will call and thank you....and with every community event, some will complain! The complaints might surprise you. They will include: "Why don't you do this type of community event more often"?!

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